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G+G Group: Know-how in construction, interior design and renovation since 1992.

Give your space a style that suits you and make the renovation of your home a creative and enjoyable process.
With new suggestions and tips for fashionable designs and colors, you can make your dream house become  … a reality!

Why choose G+G Group?

  1. Guaranteed delivery, Alawys on schedule!
  2. Five year guarantee of correct operation for each of our projects.
  3. Absolutely no hidden charges
  4. For everything you need we are always at your service with specialized partners and our stuff.
  5. Certified, high quality materials from top companies, in truly competitive prices.

Resident of  DUBAI – Area of renovation : GOUDI

My collaboration with your office was excellent.
Despite the fact i was abroad and communication could be very difficult, it was not at all.

I really felt that I had a representative to my ideas and  interests, and this is due to Thodoris Gousetis. What I distinguished  in addition to professionalism, was the conscientiousness with which you undertook the project and the commitment until its realization.

You inspired confidence, you immediately understood my desire about the creative part, which I was able to participate actively in , leaving the specialized technical part to you.

The timetable was specific and respected, if you exclude the usual delays that occurre in public services.

The cost of services was also reasonable, adapted to modern times, with high standards of service. Of course I would recommend you to friends and acquaintances without having a second thought.

Athina X. Athanasiou

They said about us

I have to say well done to G+G GROUP and personally to Thodoris Gousetis for  managing the difficult renovation that has been done in the best possible way.

The renovation of my space was very difficult because there is a child with disability at our family and this requires special study and construction both in terms of security and functionality. Even the hours and the way of work had to be very special, specific and demanding for the obvious reasons, which seemed to me to be a very difficult task, almost impossible, but Thodoris Gousetis, in his own unique way, made it look so simple and straightforward. This made me feel very good from the first time I met him and the result was exactly what I needed and was completed much faster than I imagined.

A great heartfelt thanks to all the guys that worked for us, and for the effort they made, and especially to Thodoris Gousetis, for the simplifying such difficult tasks.

Niki A. - Moschato, Bank Employee

My collaboration with G+G GROUP beyond the awesome final result was impeccable. I was very impressed by the interest that the whole team showed, and more specifically from Thodoris Gousetis, in making a perfect and unique result.

If someone is interested in making something in his home and especially a kitchen as I did, I suggest G + G GROUP unreservedly! For bathing I do not have a picture, but I will soon have it because it’s on the way !! I strongly recommend with one hundred percent certainty, specifically Thodoris, and just so you know  I have already recommended you guys!

The delivery of the project was within the timetable that was agreed, and  in addition , the work that had to be done in a difficult period of time, in early August. In comparison to the work that had to be done, the price was excellent, and  if I had seen the final result before the project started, I would be willing to pay even more.

I look at the kitchen again and again and it seems to me that this kitchen could be on display in a showroom!

Thank you very much for your cooperation and I m looking forward making my bathroom.

Gabriel M - Kipseli, Private Sector employee

The cooperation with you Thodoris was flawless flawless flawless!

First of all, we understood each other completely, what was said was done above and beyond expectation, you were straightforward  and from the moment we met and you shook my hand, I realized you were our man! Thodoris you are sooo good in what you do, you are a very good, communicative, warm person and an incredible professional.

Nothing was in brackets or with asterisk, nor the cost was unknown. What you said in the beginning, was exactly what was done!

I have already said much about you, that you are the best and that we have had the best cooperation. We entered the house just in time without any delay from the date of delivery, even though there were delays by external factors.

Very good prices, plus you gave us the best and most comprehensive offer of all we received.

Thank you so much for everything and we wish you the best from the heart.

Kostas G., Dentist

I addressed  to G + G GROUP to construct a kitchen, and what made me a big impression is the fast and good they did. Our cooperation was very good and the trust to you surely worths for anyone that needs a project done at their home.

Vagelis K. Koridalos, Policeman

Incredible team!

This is the first time that I am one hundred percent satisfied!
Don’t waste your time looking around, here is the solution for every kind of work!

Helen K., Advertiser

Very good Job!
Your professionalism Mr. Gousetis was above flawless and your cooperates are real professionals.
Our home was perfect and clean, just as you promised!
Thank you all!

George R., Lawyer

Services – Construction work

  • Renovation of building facades
  • Renovation of house & country houses (inside and outside Attica)
  • Bathroom & Kitchen Renovation
  • Metal constructions, window frames, garage doors, shutters
  • Renovation of shops & offices
  • Wooden crafts
  • Placing tiles, floors, laminates and other linings
  • Floors, industrial, stamped, ramps, etc.
  • Decommissioning & Disposal
  • Insulation work
  • Masonry, plastering, building slight repairs
  • Roofs & Tile Roofs
  • Hydraulic & Electrical
  • Painting, upholstery & styles
  • Plaster constructions

What do we offer?

Each product of G + G Group is the result of a production process strictly suited to quality standards that ensure safety and ergonomics. Quality control is continuous and accompanies every product at every stage of construction, from raw material to final delivery to the customer. As a result, we offer a 5-year warranty for good operation and free replacement in case of damage.

Design the house of your dreams!

Only at G+G

Luxury, exquisite taste and different ideas applied in style. At G+G Group you will find your own decorating consultant with practical and clever suggestions for the home renovation that suits you!

Our Packages

Home Renovation Bronze Pack

Home Renovation Silver Pack

Home Renovation Gold Pack

Home Renovation Diamond Pack

AIRBNB renovation

Kitchen Renovation

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Get to know us and find out what you will need to renovate your home!

Renovating your home is not another “job for us”. It is a pleasure, but above all responsibility. Because we know  what are the consequences of a wrong decision and how to avoid “hidden” and unnecessary costs, but mostly, we  know what a beautiful home means to you. That’s why we are always at your disposal for anything you need!


Frequently Asked Questions

There is absolutely no charge for appointments within Attica region, as there is no charge for our financial and technical offer!

In essence, a better quality of life and therefore a better mood and psychology. The passage of time doesn’t bring only wear but also a sense of attachment to the past. With the renewal of your favorite space where you spend a big part of the day, you can experience everyday life with a new, refreshed feeling!

Clearly you can but almost always, a renovation hides traps which can cost you dearly in the future . Our experience and know-how  can save your time and money.

Also, our years of experience and our workload at G+G group enables us to provide much more affordable prices than a freelancer to our customers –  for materials and work cost.

When it comes to completion time, the usual delay of construction stages can be avoided . At G+G we have permanent stuff, and everything runs smoothly, so you can have your space available when you need it!

Of course ! G+G undertakes every job with its specialized stuff, ensuring that there aren’t any unnecessary costs or wasted time, while providing complete solutions to any problem!

Whether you live in Athens or in the province, G+G is committed and can keep you informed in a daily basis with detailed information about the progress of the project. The information provided by the foreman and especially in cases where the customer doesn’t have direct access to the project, we send photographic material at regular intervals together with our written reports so we can keep you informed about the state of your renovation!

Probably yes, but it depends mostly on the type of work you want to do. There are projects that require a 48-hour or short-term permit, but this will be decided prior to the commencement of the project, as the legislation in our country is constantly changing and thus changing the terms of the renovation permits.

Each  project we undertake includes a written warranty. The warranty of  G+G GROUP is simple and understandable, without complicated legal terms, special conditions or “hidden terms”. The warranty covers the project as a whole.

Our experience allows us to ensure not only strict timetables and the choice of truly reliable materials, but also the professional service that you need.

Our quality control is lasting and accompanies every product, so we offer a five (5) year guarantee of good operation and also free repair and replacement in case of malfunction. At the same time, individual warranties provided by leading material manufacture factories we collaborate with are valid.

(see our warranty here)

First of all, to begin our cooperation, we need to sign the necessary agreements for the work you wish to be done. Then, and upon agreement, you will have to do a payment in advance, so during the works there will be a gradual payoff which will be completed by the end of the renovation works.