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House Construction

Manufactured in accordance with aesthetics, to improve the quality of life!

– Our Vision –

Constructing, renovating and creating spaces designed to bring you peace, happiness and beautiful moments, with high aesthetics, modern design and high quality of construction.

– Happy living Spaces –

The process of Renovation should not be synonymous with the word “Trouble” but the phrase “New life”.

Based on this phrase, we have been working in the field of renovations since 1992 and we ensure that the Complete Renovation of your home offers you a living environment for relaxation and pleasant moments.

The process of renovation must not bring anxiety and concern. Renovation must be accompanied only with the joy of creation for a better future.

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Why choose G+G Group;

G+G Group covers a wide range of construction activities. It’s modern, flexible and innovative organization, the experience and know-how of its team, the rigorous supervision and constant quality control in all phases of construction, make the company respond to the needs and demands in the best possible way of any work.

Our company has been building and renovating buildings, apartments and shops since 1992 and has built over 185 buildings to date and renovated even more.

Formed by a team of specialized partners consisting of Experienced Architects, Civil Engineers, Engineers, Surveyors, Guides, Technical staff with experience in combination with continuous updating, know-how able to meet any specific design requirements and construction so as to guarantee complete organization, management, and time planning of project execution.

The long experience of our company with its capable and efficient team is the guarantee for a perfect result. High quality and aesthetics combine according to your personal needs and desires, while upgrading the workplace or living space.

Our company is certified for the quality of its constructions according to EN ISO 9001: 2015 and all the materials used are ISO 9001 certified by the Austrian TUV quality control company.


 What we offer:

  1. Experience and responsibility
  2. Guarantee of quality of construction
  3. Quality and tasteful result
  4. We create spaces according to customer requirements & needs
  5. Competitive cost of construction
  6. Absolute value for money
  7. Three-dimensional visualization of the home interior – exterior with Vr presentation
  8. Modern construction projects with respect to human & the environment
  9. Homes with maximum energy savings
  10. Ongoing project supervision
  11. Use of modern durable materials
  12. Implementation of construction by experienced & specialized technical personnel
  13. Complete tasks with predetermined time & cost
  14. Technical support after project delivery

The stages for building a house in chronological order:

  1. Building permit
  2. Land excavation processes
  3. Construction stages of the skeleton of the building
  4. Stages of masonry construction
  5. Plumbing and drainage installation
  6. Installation of electrical installations
  7. Manufacture of coatings (plaster, plaster etc.)
  8. Installation of interior and exterior floors
  9. Construction of stairway or staircase
  10. Installation of interior and exterior frames
  11. Kitchen, wardrobe and door installation
  12. Exterior and interior wall paintings
  13. Installation of sanitary ware
  14. Installation of heating and air conditioning
  15. Installation of electrical equipment
  16. Remodeling of the exterior

Our company can guarantee you the completion of any project and will deliver your new home in a predetermined time, with no “discounts” on the quality of construction and materials, aesthetics and functionality with the ”key in hand”.

We fully undertake the construction of your home, with consistency and specific specifications.

  • We analyze your needs and suggest the ideal construction solution for you.
    Our long experience, combined with the high know-how and autonomous operation of our production departments, make us reliable and capable of completing all types of construction.
  • We offer innovative Architectural proposals
    We respect the environment and aesthetics by following the rules, without overlooking the functionality of the building. We build and offer unique architectural constructions, created with innovative concept by experienced architects & engineers . Their implementation is entirely undertaken by specialized task force of our choice, eliminating any malfeasance by a wrong technician.
  • We are undertaking the issue of your Building License
    We undertake the issuance of your Building License where required by completing the entire process (required by law) for the beginning of our related construction activity.
  • We offer ‘Key to Hand’ Solutions.
  • We undertake the implementation of integrated manufacturing solutions
    We undertake the implementation of integrated construction solutions either autonomously, on a consortium basis or on a contract basis, and in particular we undertake the design, construction or renovation.
  • We insure every possible risk
    We insure every possible risk by choosing the most reliable and advantageous insurance plan covering any possible loss or claim of any kind of indemnity from any third party, as our company has a permanent insurance contract with a reputable insurance company and insures all the buildings it undertakes to construct in all Greek territory.
  • We always adhere to the timetables.
    The introduction of our techno-economic knowledge into the construction process, our specialized knowledge, combined with experience, allow us to accurately evaluate and properly manage each project, from the basic idea to its full implementation. As a result, we can ensure the greatest time savings in completing projects so that we produce within the financial, time and quality frameworks our clients set.

Samples of our work

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