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Customer reviews

The process of renovation should not be synonymous with the word “Trouble” but with the phrase “New Life”.

With this phrase in mind, we have been working in renovations since 1992 and have taken care of the Complete Renovation of your home to provide you with a relaxed and enjoyable living environment.
The process of renovation should not bring stress and darkness. Renovation should only be accompanied by the joy of creating a better future.
Watch the video, and read below what our customers have said about us

Customer reviews

My collaboration with G+G GROUP beyond the awesome end result was impeccable. I was very impressed by the interest shown by the whole team, and namely Thodoros Gousetis, in making a perfect and unique result.

If someone is interested in making something in his home and especially a kitchen as I did, I suggest G+G GROUP unreservedly! For bathing I do not have a picture, but I will soon have it because it’s on its way!! One hundred percent recommendation and specifically to Thodoris. Just so you know guys, I have already recommended you!

The delivery was within the timetable of the agreement albeit it was happening in a very a difficult period of time, in early August. In relation to the price, the work was impeccable and if I could see the final result from the beginning I would be willing to pay even more money.

I look again and again at the kitchen and it seems to me that is a kitchen like the ones you see in a showcase!

Thank you very much for your cooperation and I’m looking forward to the construction of our bathroom.

Gabriel M. – Kipseli, Private Sector employee

I addressed to  G + G GROUP to construct a new kitchen and what made me big impression was the good and fast work. Our cooperation was very good and it definitely worth you and others to trust G+G group for any kind of work you might need at your house.

Vangelis K. - Koridalos, Police officer

Awesome team!
It’s the first time I’m absolutely happy! Don’t look elsewhere, here is the solution for every kind of work!

Helen K., Advertiser

Excellent work !! Your professionalism, Mr. Gousetis, is more than perfect, and your crew was very professional.
The house became perfect and clean as you promised!
We thank you all.

George R., Lawyer

The cooperation with you Thodoris was flawless flawless flawless!

First of all, we understood each other completely, what was said was done above and beyond expectation, you were straightforward  and from the moment we met and you shook my hand, I realized you were our man! Thodoris you are sooo good in what you do, you are a very good, communicative, warm person and an incredible professional.

Nothing was in brackets or with asterisk, nor the cost was unknown. What you said in the beginning, was exactly what was done!

I have already said much about you, that you are the best and that we have had the best cooperation. We entered the house just in time without any delay from the date of delivery, even though there were delays by external factors.

Very good prices, plus you gave us the best and most comprehensive offer of all we received.

Thank you so much for everything and we wish you the best from the heart.

Kostas G., Dentist

I live permanently in Komotini and I wanted to renovate my home in Athens. Although the distance was big, there was excellent communication between us and a very good result.

You were very ok not only on dates, but generally in everything, and when you made a promise, you you were very consistent, very professional, and gave me the absolute impression that you love your job, you are satisfied by it and you do it with pleasure.

With your professionalism, you persuaded me from the beginning that you do not look at the job as a “snatch”, take a profit from it and run it off to finish. You’ve told me that you are serious about the job, to get the best possible result, and you gave me the feeling that you ‘feel’ the house like yours, and that’s what I told to all the people that i suggested you till now.

You had a very tight timetable from the beginning, so I did not expect you to be able to cope with it, but you did it and I was so surprised.

I had other offers and your prices as well but your prices were very competitive, so there was value for money, a very good cost, without degrading the quality of the materials and services you offered.

Theodore thank you very much and I wish you the best because you deserve it !!

Maria L. Komotini - N.Smirni, Doctor – microbiologist

There was absolutely no problem in our cooperation with Mr Gousetis, and it was flawless. What I stood out about him was the great consistency and planning of everything we had agreed.

You were neither the most expensive nor the cheapest but your job was excellent. What was agreed was done, and  for some things I didn’t like, you changed them without the slightest gag and without any objection.

I told you personally that if a friend needed something  for his home I would highly recommend you, as I have already done. The delivery was schedule was agreed  to one month and you delivered it earlier than that.

Although I live in Mytilene, and this has made me nervous enough due to the big distance, but there hasn’t been any problem at all, but everything has been done as they should,and you have earned my trust in working with you, and thank you very much for that.

Maria K. - Mitilini – Zografou, Teacher

I have to say well done to G + G GROUP and personally to Thodoris Gousetis for  managing the difficult renovation that has been done in the best possible way.

The renovation of my space was very difficult because there is a child with disability at our family and this requires special study and construction both in terms of security and functionality. Even the hours and the way of work had to be very special, specific and demanding for obvious natural reasons, which seemed to me to be very difficult, almost impossible, but Thodoris Gousetis, in his unique way, made it look a lot simple and straightforward. This made me feel very good from the first time I met him and the result was exactly what I needed and much faster than I imagined.

A great heartfelt thanks to all the guys who worked for us, and for the effort they made, and especially to Thodoris Gousetis, for the simplification of such difficult tasks.

Niki A. – Moschato, Bank employee

Our collaboration with Mr. Gousetis was very good and solved all my questions, as he found the most appropriate solutions to the technical problems that existed. What really stood out about Mr. Gousetis was his understanding and his interest for the client, about me in this case. We communicated in the best way, and his was very cooperative.

G + G GROUP, and in particular Mr. Gousetis, is a professional man who knows his profession very well, and can easily meet the most demanding conditions in any field of construction and renovation.

The delivery time was within the timetable we agreed, and although I asked for an extension in delivery time for personal issues, there was absolutely no problem about it.

Prices are in line with the current economic situation and, after my own big research, i decided that the prices were very good in terms of material cost and services , but what really made me work with Mr. Gousetis was the feeling of trust which he inspired me from our first appointment.

Nikos F. Peireus, Accountant

Thodoris Goutsetis is very consistent, our agreement was clear from the beginning,  and there was consistency in the project time and the work that had to be done.

With this man which I did not know, (because in Veria province that I live , we are used to work with people we already know) there was a perfect understanding even though the distance was too big.

I have already unreservedly suggested Th. Goussetis, to all the people that i know in Athens,  in case they are looking for a home renovation company. And the fact that I was in Veria and Theodoris managed all the work  in Athens,  makes him worthy congratulating him.

I have worked with other engineers at times, but i put Th. Gousetis in the first place with a difference.

Theodore thank you very much for the cooperation and for the amazing result!

Maria Z. – Veria, Doctor

Assigning a home renovation to a company over the internet requires a sense of trust that the company representative will inspire to you.

I made a number of appointments and took offers from various companies and the only one represented by her owner was G+G GROUP with Mr. Gousetis, which made me very impressed.

From the very first appointment I saw great willingness and I felt safe in terms of reliability and professionalism, which I did not feel with any of the other appointments.

My decision to entrust the renovation of my house to Mr. Gousetis came easily and I was justified by seeing the final result.

Giannis N. – Athens, Tourist agent

Having a very bad experience from a construction company that has undertaken the renovation of my home in terms of botchery and timing and in everything else you can imagine, and after I finally stopped working with them, the choice i had to make was very difficult. My demands rose sharply and my fear of getting back to the same position grew.

My appointment with Thodoris, – and I call him that because I consider him my friend now, worked as a sedative for me and all my worries. The way he works and approaches each situation, made me realize that they are not the same as the others before and try to fool me both technically and economically.

He assured me that he would fix all the botchery in my house and deliver the work in time just as it should, giving me guarantees for the slightest thing.

Right now I want to say that I am grateful for the help that Thodoris offered me and the fantastic space that I now live with my family.

George M. Paleo Faliro, Professor of English Literature

Excellent work from the whole team, I highly recommend them !!!

Panos K., Private Sector employee

Nice work, good craftsmen and excellent professionals.
Mr Gousetis, thank you so much.

Kostas D., Private Sector employee

Very good job !! Mr. Gousetis, your professionalism was more than perfect, and your crew were real professionals.
The house came to be perfect and clean as you promised!
We thank you all.

George R., Lawyer

My collaboration with Theodoris was great. Things were just as I wanted them to be!
Because I am a permanent resident of Germany I was not in Greece and I was abroad in combination with the fact that I did not have to spend hours working, it was the most important thing to me.
Everything was done exactly as we said, there was a proper basis from the beginning, to my surprise there was a 25-page quote which was too detailed and informative for me.
Everything was done as it should be.
I had a man, Thodoris, with whom I was talking and Thodoris arranged everything.
I didn’t need to talk to fifteen different people, and everything was done as we had agreed.
What stood out to you was your professionalism. You were all very professional and you had a great team who worked hard, you managed to get everything done within the delivery time we had agreed on and I was very pleased with the times. Everything was done at the time they needed to be done.
Everything was done correctly, your decor gave a terrific impressive result to my apartment, which is very basic to an apartment designated for use via AirBnb.

Your staff is characterized by professionalism, and the result is incredible!
As for the cost of your services, they were within the normal market context. You were neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive, but the job you did was what they say ” value for money ”.
I would highly recommend this to a friend or acquaintance. You are very reliable, trustworthy and knowledgeable about the subject, you have a great team, you have solutions to every problem and endless ideas, you are debatable and you undertake any project knowing exactly what to do and always working professionally
Our cooperation was excellent. Thank you so much for everything!

Asimina T., Dentist

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