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Renovation Silver Pack

House renovation 70 square meters from 9,200 €

The Silver Renovation package includes:

  • Kitchen Renovation up to 8 current meters.
  • Bathroom renovation.
  • Total interior paint of the apartment up to 70 square meters.
  • Check for good electrical performance and, where appropriate, completely remove old lines and replace them with new ones.
  • 3 laminate interior bellows doors with round or square frame and marble plywood, with three adjustable Bull type heavy hinges and lock.
  • Security door with
    -Double enclosure-closed frame with three nerves in Z-shape
    -Heavy duty adjustable hinges with 200kg warranty each
    -16 locking points
    -SECUREMME lock with K2 cylinder, small key and double catapult diffender (5 years warranty)
    -Night latch with self locking
    -Windshield adjustable height
    -Laminate lining without pattern, flat-out
    -Nickel or gold mouthpieces
    -Bull-type knobsDelivery 30-35 days


Silver Package Details

  • The home renovation package includes all the work as well as the supply of all the materials needed to renovate a home and is calculated for homes up to 70 square meters.
  • The costs and quantities of materials are indicative and are tailored to the particulars and needs of each home. The needs and data of each house are different and only after thorough planning of the space can we make a definitive and accurate cost.
  • The final cost is adjusted with you and tailored to your financial capabilities.
    All of our packages are flexible and allow the customer to add or change tasks and materials according to their preferences.
  • Aluminum can be added to all packages and costs will be calculated according to the openings and quality (simple, overlapping, sliding, reducer, recalls, heat breaks), as well as any extras (flexible packages – ask for bids and updates).
  • Total costs do not include VAT, which is included at the end of the work performed.
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The construction materials included in the package are non-standard and are accompanied by the necessary guarantees of the manufacturing companies.
G + G Group, seeking to secure its client, offers an additional 5-year written warranty on all construction work for your home. During this time and in the event of a breakdown, we undertake the repair of the problem completely free of charge.


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